Welcome to First We Glitter, where our goal is to make your event as fun and memorable as possible by adding a bit of sparkle to the day!

Born of an array of coloured glitters and a lot of enthusiasm, First We Glitter got the push it needed to go professional after many years glittering friends and random festival goers with a little bit of support from the crowds at London Pride and a few pints of Pimm’s.

Since that sunny day in Soho, First We Glitter has glittered at events for West Elm, SBE Hotel Group and Pop Brixton, as well as sprucing up party goers at Glastonbury and Elrow, amongst other private parties.

We’d love to help you shine a bit brighter at your event, be it big or small, so if you think First We Glitter can be of help to you, please drop us a line on our contact form for more information around availability and rates.